After reading chapter one of Brewer and Westerman (2018), provide and defend you

After reading chapter one of Brewer and Westerman(2018) provide and defendyour working definition of organizational communication. This definition should be your definition based on experience knowledge and the chapter content not a replication of someone elses definition. After providing and defending your definition answer in formal paragraphs #3 and #4 Review and Discussion Questions on page 11 of Brewer andWesterman. Total response for youroriginal postshould be 350-400 words. You should respond to two other classmates posts in a discussion format. Each response should be 100-150 words. Review and Discussion Questions (Chapter 1 page 11 questions 3 and 4): 3. What examples of effective (or not-so-effective) communication have you observed in the workplace at church/religious facility in school or at home? 4. How would you describe the communication expectations of your ideal workplace?

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