Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications discussion question and need supp

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications discussion question and need support to help me learn.Read the readings and then answer the two case studies. The five questions should be numbered and answered in order. Please be sure your answers are related to Communication Ethics.Case Study IAccording to the Pew Research Center (2017), some experts state that the information environment will improve partly because “technology will help label, filter or ban misinformation” (p. 6). Facebook is developing technology to weed out non-credible sources.How much of the job of filtering out non-credible sources can technology do right now? For what reasons?
technology can’t do the entire job, who else is responsible for
filtering out non-credible sources, and what do they need to do?
Readings:Pew Research Center. (2017). The future of truth and misinformation
online. Retrieved from
(focus on pp. 2-6)
Laslo, M. (2018, January 16). The latest front in fake news is
streaming on Netflix. Think. Retrieved from
(read all 2 pages)
O’Brien, M. (2018, April 25). How Facebook’s news feed can be
fooled into spreading misinformation. PBS NewsHour. Retrieved from
Case Study II On February 14, 2018, students at Marie Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, FL, experienced a mass shooting. Soon afterward, news about Scot Peterson’s role as a security guard broke. Even when you identify credible information sources, such as
journal and newspaper articles, you must recognize that even they are
fallible and thus be able to distinguish between what is fact and what
is not fact. Different people have their own opinions about whether Scot
Peterson fulfilled his professional duty during the shooting.
Recall what your opinion might have been before the start of this
week. How, if at all, has your opinion changed? Justify your
answer with at least 2 facts, citing your sources. Exclude
A lot of media coverage has focused on Scot
Peterson. Of all of it, what percentage do you guesstimate
provides facts?
How certain are you of your conclusion
about Scot Peterson? If you have any uncertainty, what would you
need to see or hear to be able to draw a definite conclusion?
Readings and videos: CBS Miami. (2018, February 22). Broward sheriff Scott Israel
provides additional details about response to Parkland school shooting
[Online video]. Retrieved from
(watch all 11:53)
DiRuzzo, J. A. (2018, February 26). [Memo to the South Florida
Community and the American Public]. Retrieved from
(read all 2 pages)
Flores, R. (2018, April 20). Broward county sheriff Scott Israel
to face no-confidence vote from his own deputies. CNN. Retrieved from
(read all 3 pages)
Saslow, E. (2018, June 4).”It was my job, and I didn’t find him”:
Stoneman Douglas resource officer remains haunted by massacre.
Washington Post. Retrieved from
(read all 8 pages)
Requirements: 250 words/ 1 pages

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