The object of this assignment is to provide a short description, with as much da

The object of this assignment is to provide a short description, with as much data as you can gather, about a particular person and/or ship involved in the slave trade. Use these 2 websites ( (…).In your 450-word or more response, you should focus on one of those enslaved, and then amass as much information about that subject as you can using the resources of the database, as well as, if you like, outside research regarding the ports, nations involved in the trade relevant to your subject, and/or ethnicities and languages of the peoples involved. For instance, one way to complete the assignment is to go to the African Origins page and type a name in the search box available — any name. A list of similar names of those enslaved will appear, and then all you have to do is choose one of the individuals and start there. Beginning with that person, you should know their name (as it was recorded), the name of the ship they sailed on, perhaps the name of the captain of that ship, the port from which the ship left, and the port where the ship was returned to. You may also be able to discover the language and ethnicity of the individual, or the language/ethnicity of other travellers on the ship. Using this information, you can write a short description of the journey undertaken by the person, with some speculative background information about the person’s life, and some description of the ship used in the transport.
Requirements: 450 words

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