Wehner, K.J., Czech, D.R., & Biber, D.D. (2018). An examination of competitivene

Wehner, K.J., Czech, D.R., & Biber, D.D. (2018). An examination of competitiveness between gender, race, and school classification of millennial students: An exploratory study. GAHPERD Journal, 50 (1) 15-22.In the library’s site, go to:Research Databases, EbscoHost, Select All, continue, Advanced Search, Check the Scholarly Journals box.Search article by author or title (will appear as pdf).In a Word document, respond to all of the following:1. In the Wehner article, explain the researchers’ findings related to females v. males on sport orientation. Explain the differences.2. One particular score was significant related to race. Which race and why according to the authors?3. Explain the historical views of sport participation discussed by the authors related to gender. Provide specific examples.4. Provide personal critical analysis.Minimum 5 full, double-spaced pages (excludes cover page and reference list). Use APA referencing within text and provide reference list. Provide assignment cover page. Reminder, SafeAssign is used for plagiarism check.
Requirements: 5 pages

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